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Yep. Presidential front-runner Donald Trump just assured us all that he’s well-endowed.

So many unbelievable things have happened in this presidential campaign that, at this point, it's getting hard to keep track or even be shocked anymore.

But every once in awhile, something happens that makes you pause, step back and realize just how insane this ride is we're on.

The opening of Thursday's Republican Fox News debate was one of those moments. Donald Trump, who among other things had been under fire from his opponents for the size of his hands -- a decades-old insecurity for The Donald -- went there on what everyone (okay, most everyone) in America thinks when they hear someone has small hands.

"He referred to my hands," Trump said. "If they’re small, something else must be small."

And then Trump said this:

It's quite possible you're shrugging right now. When it comes to Trump, who has felt the need to defend the size of his hands since a 30-year-old Vanity Fair article questioned his finger length, boasting about his size doesn't surprise you. As a reality TV show host, he once commented to a female contestant "That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees." He pondered to the Rolling Stone about maybe dating his daughter if she wasn't, you know, his daughter. And now that Marco Rubio has been bringing up the allegedly small size of Trump's hands for a few days now, it was bound to come to this, right?

But let's hit pause for a moment and step back to appreciate what just happened. The Republican presidential front-runner just insinuated to America he is, without a doubt, well-endowed.

It was a moment that shocked an already jaded press corps and epitomized for some just how out of hand (see what we did there?) the Republican presidential race has become.

It's perhaps poetic this happened on the same week the Republican Party is finally coming to terms that Trump is their most likely presidential nominee. They're throwing everything they got at him, from attacking his character and his wealth to the size of his hands. On Thursday, the most recent nominee, Mitt Romney, very publicly denounced Trump in no uncertain terms.

Hours later, Trump goes on live TV to "guarantee" America there is no problem with the size of his genitalia.