In what has to be some kind of record, The Washington Post ran 16 positive stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 hours after his upset victory over Hillary Clinton in Michigan’s Democratic presidential primary.

It’s obvious from this tiny sample of 1/547th of the calendar year, taken after an objectively huge Sanders win in Michigan, that The Post has a pro-Sanders bias. Are Post “journalists” even capable of criticizing the Vermont senator? Doubt it.

(If you somehow failed to detect the sarcasm in the above — or don't get the joke — this should help. Basically, Sanders supporters noted Tuesday that The Post had run 16 "negative" — in their minds — stories about Sanders in 16 hours after Sunday night's debate, in which his performance was seen as less-then-stellar.)


"Sanders wins surprise, narrow victory in Michigan"

Love for Sanders: “Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled off a narrow upset in the Michigan primary Tuesday, buoying his challenge to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and giving him bragging rights to a big, diverse state outside his previous areas of strength.”


"Why Bernie Sanders’s win in Michigan matters so much"

Love for Sanders: “Bernie Sanders, by winning in Michigan, scored a massively important symbolic victory that will likely re-energize his campaign and extend the Democratic presidential race for weeks, if not months.”

"The two big warning signs in Hillary Clinton’s shocking Michigan loss"

Love for Sanders: “This appears to be Sanders's best performance with black voters so far this year.”


"Winners and losers from the March 8 primaries"

Love for Sanders: “Sanders heavily overperformed polling that showed Clinton ahead by 20 points or more.”

"Democratic debate in Miami: Clinton, Sanders face off after Michigan surprise"

Love for Sanders: “After Michigan, it is clear that Sanders — the self-described “democratic socialist” running an insurgent campaign on Clinton’s left — has not peaked.”


"Polling in Michigan totally missed Bernie Sanders’s win. But that’s not too uncommon."

Love for Sanders: “The Real Clear Politics average of polls in the state figured that Clinton had a 20-point advantage; FiveThirtyEight gave her a 99 percent chance of winning. And then Bernie Sanders won.”


"The Daily 202: Six explanations for Bernie Sanders’s surprise win in Michigan"

Love for Sanders: “Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both undercut the conventional wisdom that their campaigns are slipping last night. The biggest story, though, is the Vermont senator’s stunning victory in Michigan’s Democratic primary.”

"Sanders heads to court in bid to allow 17-year-olds to vote in Ohio primary"

Love for Sanders: “Even before Tuesday's stunning results from Michigan came rolling in, Sen. Bernie Sanders showed he had some fight left in him.”


"How Bernie Sanders won Michigan"

Love for Sanders: “Hillary Clinton had a huge lead in polls leading up to the primary, but Sanders’s attacks on her trade and job protection record won him votes.”


"Hillary gets Bernt: What her stunning Michigan loss really means"

Love for Sanders: “Bernie Sanders’s dramatic upset win over Hillary Clinton in the Michigan Democratic primary was driven in part by voters who feel seriously Bernt by the economy.”

"Why Michigan’s primary results are great news for Democrats"

Love for Sanders: “Most voters viewed both candidates as honest and trustworthy (57 percent for Clinton and 80 percent for Sanders) and as having the right approach to business (57 percent for Clinton and 63 percent for Sanders).That these figures are more favorable for Sanders is unsurprising, given his overall success with Democrats in Michigan.”


"Three clear lessons from Sanders’s big Michigan upset"

Love for Sanders: “Sanders’s big upset ensures that this Democratic primary will remain contested for now, and that is a good thing.”

"What should worry Clinton about Sanders’s Michigan win"

Love for Sanders: “Sanders has exposed some big weaknesses that will dog Clinton in the rest of the primary campaign — and probably in the general election, too.”

"Viewer’s Guide: Sanders upset in Michigan intensifies race"

Love for Sanders: “Michigan gives Sanders bragging rights to a big Rust Belt state victory and the success of his argument that U.S. trade deals take away jobs.”

"Sanders edges out Clinton in Michigan in surprisingly tight race"

Love for Sanders: “For Sanders – the 'democratic socialist' from Vermont running an insurgent campaign on Clinton’s left – the Michigan victory will bring a new energy, after several weeks in which his chances had seemed to fade.”

"Why were the polls in Michigan so wrong?"

Love for Sanders: