As part of my job, I have seen every one of the Republican primary debates so far, watched the seasons change out the window as I sat in front of the television watching candidates move around different debate stages and the number of lecterns grow and shrink. Do not cry for me, America. I get paid to do this.

If, however, you have also seen all of the Republican debates, including the undercard debates -- only 2015 kids remember the undercard debates -- I weep for you. For you have spent about 1,400 minutes, just shy of one full day of your life, listening to the Republican candidates for the presidency talk. And that's calculated from tallies by NPR and the Washington Examiner. I'm not talking about 23.3 hours spent watching the ads and the moderators and so on. I am talking about nearly a full day of your life spent listening to candidates. It is I who weep for you.

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot more candidate talking when there were a lot more candidates.

The candidate you spent the least amount of time listening to? Rick Perry, who only made it through one debate. The most? Well, you guessed it.

You have spent 196 minutes of your life watching Donald Trump speak during a presidential debate. A full 3.3 hours of making this great and re-negotiating that. You've spent 160 minutes hearing that we need to dispel with various notions and 179 minutes learning about who we should carpet-bomb. For Pete's sake, you've spent nearly a quarter hour listening to Jim Gilmore talk about what he would do as president.

You've spent a solid 12 hours listening to the White House plans of people who currently have absolutely no shot at being president. You could have driven from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back, but instead you were sitting in front of your television hearing Mike Huckabee explain what he'd do in his first 100 days.

And just to rub it in: This is only the Republicans.