One of the most vocal super PACs opposed to Donald Trump's candidacy launched two ads in recent days portraying the Republican presidential front-runner as a violence-inciting misogynist.

The newest ad, which could begin airing on national cable television as soon as Monday, begins jarringly, with three women reciting statements Trump has made toward other women.

"Bimbo, dog, fat pig," they say. The rest of the video features yet more women reading longer and sometimes-censored Trump quotations.

The ads were both created by Our Principles PAC, a well-funded Republican super PAC founded by former Mitt Romney aide and strategist Katie Packer. Both belong to separate ad buys totaling $4 million.


The first portrays Trump and his campaign as promoting violence and is part of a two-week-old, $3.5 million buy in Florida, which hosts an important primary on Tuesday. The second features his statements toward women and is part of a $500,000 package of ads to be featured on national cable outlets.


Here is a transcript of that latter ad, with links to stories about each of the quotes:

The other ad shipped to Florida stations over the weekend and features several quotes in which Trump expresses a desire to harm protesters and also cites allegations that his campaign manager physically assaulted a female reporter covering Trump.

That video and transcript follow.

NARRATOR: Donald Trump campaign violence.
TRUMP: I’d like to punch 'em in the face.
TRUMP: Knock the crap out of them.
TRUMP: They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks.
TRUMP: I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees.
NARRATOR: Now Trump’s campaign manager faces criminal charges for allegedly assaulting a female reporter.
NEWSCASTER: Today, Michelle Fields, a reporter for the conservative website Breitbart, said earlier this week Trump’s campaign manager "grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down."
NEWSCASTER: Fields showed us the bruise where she says Trump’s campaign manager grabbed her.
FIELDS: They’re not telling the truth. There’s videos, there’s pictures, there’s an eyewitness of a Washington Post reporter.
NARRATOR: Another supporter arrested for assault.
NEWSCASTER: A Trump supporter is under arrest tonight after punching a protester at a rally.
NEWSCASTER: The latest in what some believe growing hostile atmosphere at Trump events.
TRUMP SUPPORTER: Next time we see him we might have to kill him.
NARRATOR: Donald Trump's too reckless and dangerous to be president.

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