Any Minnesotan who loves sports -- as I am, and I do -- knows who Sid Hartman is. The longtime columnist for the Star Tribune, who turns 96 on Tuesday (!), an institution if there ever was one.

And if you have read Hartman's columns or heard him on the radio, you notice that he likes to call people his "close, personal friend." Hartman describes nearly everyone of substance in this manner -- so much so that you wonder if anyone isn't his "close, personal friend" and how he has time to maintain so many close, personal friendships.

So when I saw the below clip of Donald Trump, Hartman came to mind. The Donald, you see, also has lots and lots of very substantial friends. And he has a go-to way of letting you know this, referring to nearly all of them as a "friend of mine."

With so many friends, you'd almost wonder why more of them aren't publicly supporting him these days.