Well, that didn’t last long.

After playing nice with Megyn Kelly in a debate earlier this month, Donald Trump returned to bashing the Fox News Channel host on Tuesday night, as she anchored the cable network’s coverage of primary voting in Florida, Ohio and three other states.

Trump has had it in for Kelly since the first debate of the campaign, last August, when she listed some of his disparaging remarks about women and questioned whether he has the “temperament” to be president. Trump memorably said after the debate that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” and regularly blasted her on Twitter in the ensuing months.

He boycotted a debate in January because Fox News refused to remove her as moderator, and he also skipped a town hall event in February where she was the host.

A look back at the clash between the Fox News anchor and presidential candidate that started with an earlier debate in August 2015. (Sarah Parnass/The Washington Post)

But treating her with civility at a debate on March 3 made sense because Trump was trying to show, as he put it, how “diplomatic” he could be as he started to pivot toward the general election.

Now, however, he has apparently decided that he doesn’t need to hide his disdain any longer.