Sen. Lindsey Graham will soon raise money for Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, as CNN's Dana Bash just reported.

Which is an amazing turn of events, given the things Graham previously said about Cruz. He has said on multiple occasions that Cruz is would be the death of the Republican Party and is no better than Donald Trump. He has even joked about killing Cruz.

To wit (in reverse chronological order):

Feb. 26: “I was asked the hardest question in my political life: Do you agree with Donald Trump that Ted Cruz is the biggest liar in politics?” he said. “Too close to call.”

Feb. 26 (a joke, but still): “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you,” Graham said, referencing the Tea Party senator’s unpopular reputation with his colleagues.

Feb. 4: "If you're a Republican and your choice is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in a general election," he said, "it's the difference between poisoned or shot -- you're still dead."

Feb. 4: On the question of foreign policy, the Texas senator is "just as wrong as Obama, if not worse."

Jan. 21: “If you nominate Trump and Cruz, I think you get the same outcome,” he told reporters. “Whether it’s death by being shot or poisoning doesn’t really matter. I don’t think the outcome will be substantially different.”

Dec. 3: "“If the nominee of the Republican Party will not allow for an (abortion) exception for rape and incest, they will not win,” Graham said. “Ted Cruz doesn’t have an exception for rape or incest.”

Dec. 2: "Ted Cruz's foreign policy has been uneven and he has done more to allow ISIL to gain a foothold in Syria than any Senator other than Rand Paul."

Dec. 2: "I think [Ted Cruz] is an opportunist, he's a libertarian when it is hot."

It's clear what Graham is doing here: He's decided that Cruz is the lesser of two evils when it comes to two likeliest GOP nominees (Cruz and Trump).

But when it comes to suddenly supporting a man you said horrible things about just a few weeks ago, he's giving Chris Christie a run for his money.