Warning: The above video contains some adult language and themes.

There are fewer bigger applause lines for Donald Trump supporters and few bigger punchlines for Donald Trump opponents than his big, beautiful border wall. Trump will build it, and Mexico will pay for it. Everyone knows this.

We here at The Fix have treated this subject with the seriousness it deserves, noting that the height of the proposed wall seems to change at Trump's whim, rising from 30 feet in August to 55 feet last month.

Well, John Oliver, whose 22-minute takedown of Trump a few weeks back is one of the most-viewed YouTube videos of the year, is back at it again. This time, he spends 18 minutes going into detail about the many flawed or inconsistent claims that make up Trump's biggest, most concrete (literally and figuratively) policy proposal.

He finds:

  • The cost of the wall, according to Trump's own words, has ranged from $4 billion to $12 billion.
  • Trump has said the wall would be made of concrete, rebar and steel. The cost of that, as our own Fact Checker has noted, would far exceed Trump's estimates for a whole host of reasons.
  • Just about everybody with any authority in Mexico says it will not pay for the wall.

After watching this, though, you have to wonder: Was the appeal of the border wall ever about logic and consistency? As with most things, Trump says he'll do it, and no matter how tall the task or the varying explanations for precisely how, his supporters believe him, apparently not really caring that the details don't always add up.