Did you know there was a They Might Be Giants song about James K. Polk, our 11th president? Me neither!

But I learned about that  -- and the fact that he was rendered infertile at a young age by a surgery to correct "bladder stones" -- in the latest edition of Lillian Cunningham's "Presidential" podcast.  You can and should subscribe to it here;  a new episode telling the story of the life of a president comes out each Monday.

Want more information about Polk? Read The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America, by Walter R. Borneman. (You can see a list of the best biographies about each of the presidents here.)

In case you were wondering, the best lyric from the James K. Polk song is this: "He's just the man we need/ To bring about victory/ Fulfill our manifest destiny." That's one hell of a rhyme.