President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hosted their final Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday. The tradition dates back more than 100 years; the story goes that, after ornery gardeners at the Capitol canceled the event in the late 1800s — and Congress actually outlawed using the Capitol grounds as a children's playground — Rutherford B. Hayes brought the event to the White House.

Ever since, thousands of Americans (this year from all 50 states) have visited the White House for the Easter Egg Roll. It's a fun way for a few thousand taxpayers and their kids to visit the executive mansion. And it leads to some great photos.

Check out our favorites from this year:

This Easter bunny can't believe what he's seeing

We're wondering what an "Easter Egg Roll" actually is, too

Story time with the president and first lady

And again

It appears as though the Secret Service has new uniforms

Obama takes the referee's whistle

The first lady and her relay-race teammate

Presidential high-fives for everyone

Yes, Shaq still has the guns

Rabbit ears — and not the ones you use for that old tube TV in the basement

I believe I can fly

And just for good measure, the Obamas at their first Easter Egg Roll in 2009