First, many liberals wished Elizabeth Warren would run for president. Then, they wished she would support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

Neither of those are happening. But what Warren has done is turned into one of the left's chief critics of Donald Trump — using Trump's own language to do it.

Warren appeared on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" on Wednesday night and explained her neutrality in the Democratic primary. Then the conversation turned to Trump. Colbert asked her whether Trump's anti-Wall Street message bore any similarity to her own.

"Donald Trump is looking out for exactly one guy, and that guy's name is Donald Trump," Warren said. "He smells that there's change in the air, and what he wants to do is make sure that change works really, really well for Donald Trump."

Then she took the gloves off.

"He inherited a fortune from his father," she said. "He kept it going by cheating and defrauding people."


"Calling on Donald Trump for help is like, if your house is on fire calling an arsonist to come help out," Warren said.

Asked whether she was stooping to Trump's level by talking in these terms, Warren didn't back down.

"He is not a business success; he is a business loser," Warren said.

This isn't the first time Warren has gone after Trump. In a series of tweets last week, she called him a "loser" and lodged other accusations similar to the ones on "The Late Show." It all prompted Trump to rehash the controversy over Warren's heritage.