"Demon Sheep," meet "Nose."

"Nose" is the latest ad from Fred Davis, the avant-garde GOP ad-maker who burst into the political public's consciousness with his "Demon Sheep" ad in the 2010 California GOP Senate primary — an ad that accused one of candidate Carly Fiorina's opponents of being a liberal wolf in conservative sheep's clothing on fiscal issues. In case you haven't seen it, it's below.

The new ad for a super PAC supporting John Kasich's presidential bid borrows Donald Trump's nickname for Cruz — "Lyin' Ted" — and accuses him of lying about basically everything that comes out of his mouth, all while his nose grows and snakes around his neck multiple times.

It's unsettling, creepy and provocative — three things Kasich's long-shot presidential bid could probably do with more of. The candidate himself has avoided attacking his opponents much, but the super PAC is here to do his dirty work for him.

The ad is running in Wisconsin and has $500,000 behind it, according to New Day for America PAC. Kasich is running a distant third in Tuesday's primary, according to most polling. Kasich will want a decent showing there, given the state's Midwestern similarities to his home state of Ohio.