After another whirlwind week for Donald Trump, late-night comedians jabbed his performance in the GOP town hall on CNN and his comments about abortion on MSNBC. Here's what the cast of "SNL," Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and others had to say. (The Washington Post)

No matter what Donald Trump says, it seems his core group of supporters will never desert him. Its devotion to him has been remarkably constant through controversies that would have undone just about any other politician.

And through it all, the media keeps pressing these supporters — often in live TV interviews — on just why this stuff doesn’t bother them. Are women really not bothered by how Trump talks about other women? A group of them explained why they weren’t in a recent CNN focus group.

If you click that link, you will see those women make all manner of excuses for Trump. He’s an entertainer. He doesn’t really mean it. He’s transparent. You have to take the good with the bad. He’s a strong leader.

“Saturday Night Live” had a bit of fun with this last night. During the show’s cold open, Kate McKinnon played CNN’s Kate Bolduan interviewing a Trump supporter.

That supporter bends over backwards to defend Trump, even as the camera cuts to a Trump rally where Darrell Hammond-as-Trump is shown talking lustfully about his daughter, leading a chant of “women suck” and punching a man repeatedly.

It’s satire, yes, but there's plenty of truth behind it. Trump’s supporters have shown themselves to defend or at least get past any number of his foibles. It’s perhaps the most remarkable aspect of his candidacy.