In case you didn't know because you live under a rock and/or you're a Millennial, before Al Franken was a senator from Minnesota, he was a comedian. The "Saturday Night Live" regular started delivering political zingers way back in the 1980s, when he still had dark hair and socialists were in Russia, not challenging for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Franken is a serious senator with serious policy ideas. Some are even floating him as a VP pick. But even as a comedian on "SNL," he made serious observations about American politics.

Since joining the Senate, though, he has largely laid low, worried more about looking the part of elder statesmen than being the funniest man in the U.S. Senate. Still, his comedic roots were on full display at an event in Minneapolis, Minn.,  last weekend, when he turned his comedy chops on a few of his congressional colleagues. At a fundraiser for nonprofit online newspaper MinnPost (the fundraiser, featuring skits and monologues by politicians and members of the Minneapolis media, was appropriately called "MinnRoast"), Franken pulled out a few one-liners, calling Ted Cruz "the lovechild of Joe McCarthy and Dracula" and joking about Speaker Paul Ryan's refusal to enter the presidential race.

Here are more excerpts from Franken's monologue: