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Chris Christie attends Bruce Springsteen concert, has religious experience

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Chris Christie has seemed pretty "Sad!" lately after dropping out of the presidential race and making some awkward appearances alongside Republican front-runner Donald Trump. But last night, multiple people spotted him at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Brooklyn looking like all his troubles had been washed away by the Boss' sweet, sweet music.

Christie's love of the Boss is well-documented, even if the Boss has not always loved him back. And it looks like this concert was exactly what the New Jersey governor needed after a rough couple of months.

Eyes closed, swaying to the beat, Christie looked like he'd left the mortal realm and ascended to a higher plane of being.

(The photo above was originally taken by Mary Ellen Cataneo)

Rob was not exaggerating; there is video.

Christie might be Trump's reluctant sidekick on the campaign trail. But as he just showed, there's only one Boss he truly loves, and that's Bruce Springsteen.