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The math of the ‘Bernie Bros’ is really, really hard to figure out

Bernie Sanders isn't mathematically eliminated -- yet -- as the Democratic presidential nominee. But, his odds are VERY long because he trails Hillary Clinton badly in the delegate race.

That is math. Clinton has more delegates. Sanders has fewer. She has more raw votes. He has fewer.

But, in some corners of the Internet -- and, I presume, the real world too -- this math just doesn't (or won't) compute. We've made this point before. But, this sketch from the folks at College Humor does a better job of making the point than we ever could.

The truest words in the video? "It feels like you are just jumping through a bunch of hoops to mask a hard mathematical truth that you don't like," the skeptic of "Bernie Math" says to a Sanders supporter.

Yup. That just about covers it.  Wishful thinking and pie-in-the-sky theories of the road to a delegate majority are no replacement for real political strategy. Or math.