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Here are those presidential campaign stories that the media ‘never’ cover

The story you're looking for is probably in one of these newspapers. Or on Google. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Bloomberg)
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The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty on Friday vented her frustration at the “tweeps” who whine about how the media supposedly never cover things that, in fact, they cover thoroughly.

The trigger was an uniformed tweet lamenting that The Post hasn’t reported on Clinton Foundation contributions and potential conflicts of interest — at least not with the rigor of this story about campaign spending by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

To Karen's point, the coverage this reader is clamoring for can be found here, here, here, here and here. (I went with five examples as a tribute to the greatest Nomar who ever lived — Garciaparra — who wore jersey No. 5 and, in his prime, was definitely way better than Derek Jeter.)

Anyway, this whole exchange inspired me to assemble some of the other presidential campaign stories the media “never” cover. This isn't about proving some folks on social media wrong. (Okay, maybe it's a little about that.) It's mostly supposed to be helpful. Voters don't have time to read everything and, when they complain about missing coverage, it's possible that they truly haven't seen any. (Though I always wonder where, if not from the media, they learned about whatever thing isn't being reported, in the first place.)

I'll let the Twitterverse identify the allegedly absent journalism, then point to a few places where — lo and behold — it actually exists.

Donald Trump's good side

Donald Trump, after difficult stretch, shows a softer side (The New York Times, April 20)

Trump's former butler: 'He's an incredibly generous person' (The Hill, March 10)

Trump shows softer side after woman faints at rally (CNN, Jan. 10)

Donald Trump's business failures

Donald Trump's 13 biggest business failures (Rolling Stone, March 14)

The myth and the reality of Donald Trump’s business empire (The Washington Post, Feb. 29)

A brief history of Donald Trump’s many, many business failures (New York Daily News, Feb. 10)

Bernie Sanders's speeches

Bernie Sanders strikes dovish tone on Middle East (CBS News, March 22)

He skipped AIPAC, but here's Bernie Sanders's plan for peace between Israel and Palestine (Vice, March 21)

Bernie Sanders delivered a killer AIPAC speech ... in Utah (The Huffington Post, March 21)

Ted Cruz's speeches

Ted Cruz delivers victory speech in Iowa (Politico, Feb. 2)

Ted Cruz at AIPAC: Eight takeaways (The Washington Post, March 22)

Ted Cruz rouses crowd at CPAC conference (NPR, March 5)

Hillary Clinton's crowds

Hillary Clinton rallies large crowd in Boston before the primary (The New York Times, Feb. 29)

Hillary Clinton draws Texas-size crowd in Dallas (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Nov. 17)

Hillary Clinton draws huge crowd to Myrtle Beach campaign rally (Myrtle Beach, S.C., Sun News, Feb. 25)

Donald Trump's crowds

Donald Trump draws massive crowds during campaign swing (MSNBC, July 11)

Donald Trump gets big crowd, big endorsement at Alabama Rally (, Feb. 28)

Yes, Donald Trump is still drawing massive crowds (The Washington Post, Feb. 3)

Anything of substance

Donald Trump's tax plan could tack $10 trillion onto America's debt (Fortune, March 8)

Bernie Sanders and the high cost of free college (U.S. News & World Report, Feb. 23)

How Hillary Clinton became a hawk (The New York Times Magazine, April 21)

Anything about John Kasich that isn't related to eating

GOP hopeful Kasich offers ambitious balanced-budget plan (Associated Press, Oct. 15)

Kasich outlines iron fist, velvet glove foreign policy doctrine in South Carolina (MSNBC, Aug. 18)

John Kasich aims to keep momentum in Michigan (The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 15)

Hillary Clinton's brusqueness with people who question her

Hillary Clinton gets testy on campaign trail (UPI, April 1)

Clinton goes off on a Greenpeace activist for accusing her of taking fossil fuel money (Business Insider, March 31)

Hillary Clinton loses her cool (Salon, Oct. 5)

Violence by Trump supporters

A list of violent incidents at Donald Trump rallies and events (Slate, March 2)

Charges filed against Trump supporter who sucker punched a black protester at a North Carolina rally (New York magazine, March 10)

Donald Trump supporters filmed kicking, punching Black Lives Matter protester at rally in Alabama (Gawker, Nov. 21)

Donald Trump's minority supporters

Donald Trump takes the Hispanic vote in Nevada caucuses (The Atlantic, Feb. 25)

Donald Trump to get endorsements from African American pastors (The Wall Street Journal, Nov. 27)

Meet the Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus supporting Trump (BBC, March 10)

I'll stop there, but the list could go on and on. Some stories get more coverage than others, of course, and voters are free to disagree with the media's priorities. Their complaints are often valid.

But the information voters are looking for is usually out there. Before complaining that a certain topic "never" gets any attention, take Karen's advice: Try Google.