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Sen. Ben Sasse isn’t done with Donald Trump. Not hardly.

Sen. Ben Sasse. (Nati Harnik/Associated Press)

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) has said what many other GOP senators and officials undoubtedly wanted to say but have opted not to: Donald Trump could be a disaster for both the GOP and the country.

Sasse is still the only sitting GOP senator to say he simply won't vote for Trump under any circumstances. And now, even as many who labeled the now-presumptive nominee all manner of things -- including "unstable" and "dangerous" -- say they would somehow still prefer a man with those deficits to Hillary Clinton, Sasse isn't backing off.

In a lengthy tweetstorm Wednesday night, Sasse continued his push for a third option in the presidential race. He even said he would prefer a moderate to Trump and Clinton, both of whom he accuses of being liberals and completely unacceptable. He even says there are "dumpster fires" more popular than the two presumptive major-party nominees.

As the GOP establishment attempts to rally support behindTrump, Sasse looks as though he'll continue to be the man leading the charge for another course.