Well, it looks like we have our general election match-up: Jeb Bush vs. Martin O'Malley.

Just kidding! This isn't Earth 6. Barring some sort of stunning development, we're headed for a Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton fight in November -- the sort of outcome that Americans in other dimensions are using as jokes to start their news articles.

But with the primaries now (mostly) behind us, we can start obsessing over who will win and how they will do it. And for us to be thorough in that regard, we must have an electoral map tool.

So we built one. But it's not just any ol' electoral map simulator; we made a tool that lets you also 1) jump to particular scenarios and 2) see how the states have voted in the past. And since that wasn't enough, we also included data on how the states voted relative to the country on the whole, letting you see how much more liberal or conservative each one was versus the norm, even if it voted for a Democrat or a Republican.

Dive in. Mess around. If you find something interesting -- a scenario that even Martin O'Malley could win -- let us know in the comments.