Apparently intentionally, Democrats have seized upon the nickname "Dangerous Donald" to refer to their general election opponent this November. Get it? Donald Trump is dangerous, so: Dangerous Donald. And, as everyone knows, the way to beat a bully is by trying to out-bully him, but not quite as well, and in a very dad-joke-y way.

One of Trump's advantages in politics is that the things he says don't seem like they were workshopped to death, because they weren't, because he makes them up as he says them. Most politicians -- and most political communications -- go through all sorts of dumb testing and analysis and drafts and so on, until everything interesting (read: potentially negative to a voter) is leeched out, and all that's left is pre-breaded Chicken McNuggets.

And that's how you get "Dangerous Donald."

Except that now, thanks to an anonymous source, The Washington Post has exclusively obtained* the results of the Democrats' brainstorming session from which "Dangerous Donald" emerged. What's presented below is a complete list of the other ideas that the party rejected, some of which differ significantly in tone and focus.

* "Exclusively obtained" in the sense of "making it up."

Take a look:

All things considered, "Dangerous Donald" is probably actually the best one on that list.