More than a million people attended Ulysses Grant’s funeral in New York City on Aug. 8, 1885. That was more people than came out to mourn Abraham Lincoln, the man who had served as president four years before Grant took over the office.

Grant’s popular status was the result of his time in office as the nation's 18th president but rather because of his legendary role as the commanding officer of the U.S. Army during the last five years of the Civil War.

I learned all of that and lots more — Grant was a prodigious writer of love letters to his wife, for example — in the latest installment of Lillian Cunningham’s outstanding “Presidential” podcast. This episode features WaPo legend David Maraniss as well as nonfiction book critic Carlos Lozada talking about Grant’s legendary presidential memoir. If you aren’t already subscribed to “Presidential,” you need to fix that glitch immediately.