When the Obama administration announced Monday that the bison is America's new national mammal, most media outlets took it in stride. Television broadcasts did a few short, fun pieces. The Fix investigated everything you can and can't do (legally speaking) with bison.

"Fox & Friends" declared war. Or rather, it suggested it could be a declaration of war on none other than the Bald Eagle.

In a segment on Fox's flagship morning show on Friday, the "Fox & Friends" team hosted Al Cecere, president of the American Eagle Foundation. And while Cecere didn't seem threatened by the bison's shiny new status, hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade ... did.

“How do you feel? Challenger’s been buffaloed," Doocy started off.

And when the subject turns to the amount of recognition the eagle gets from the Obama administration (apparently not enough), Kilmeade interjected: "Isn't this the same administration that said it's okay to start killing them?"

The eagle, however, was unruffled.