On Friday, The Post published audio from an interview conducted in 1991 by a reporter for People magazine. The interview was ostensibly with John Miller, a spokesperson for Donald Trump. In fact, the interview was with Donald Trump, who was pretending to be a guy named John Miller who worked for himself.

This is something Trump did with some frequency at the time, sometimes using the name "John Barron," a slight upgrade to boring ol' John Miller.

The Internet being what it is, Politico's Blake Hounshell had an idea.

So: Sure. Here you go, Blake.

To make this, we combined a list of titles (like "baron") with a list of common last names (like Miller) and a list of last names of WWE stars (because why not). Trump's middle name is John, which is probably where Miller/Barron's name came from, but we pulled a bunch of other names that were popular in the 1970s to add a little more to the mix.

Never again will you have to talk to a national media outlet while admitting you are yourself. From now on, you have someone working for you, a James Jericho or Nancy Grace. (Hmm.) Anonymity, once again, shall prevail.