Did you know the Federal Communications Commission says improving 911 dispatchers’ ability to locate callers could save more than 10,000 lives per year?

John Oliver used his show Sunday night to draw attention to another below-the-radar civic issue — our emergency dispatch system.

(Warning: The video below contains some adult language and themes.)

Oliver starts his show with the case of a woman, Shanell Anderson, who delivered newspapers in Atlanta and drove her car into a body of water. She called 911, but dispatchers couldn’t locate her, despite her giving the correct cross streets.

The review of 911 call records, including data for seven large states and many additional cities, shows:
Those figures are typical of what’s documented by 911 officials in hundreds of other communities, according to local, state and federal government records. There is no mandate or standard for collection or study of 911 location data. The FCC doesn't collect data, and neither do some 911 centers. That makes it difficult to look at consistent statistics from state to state.