A yacht. Not the one where Cleveland had his operation. (OUTJENS BUTTNER/AFP/Getty Images)

I'm an unabashed fan of Lillian Cunningham's "Presidential" podcast, which, week by week, tells the story of each of our nation's 43 presidents.

This week's episode focuses on Grover Cleveland, who was our 22nd and 24th president. I knew before I listened to the pod that Cleveland was the only president ever elected to non-consecutive terms -- hello, I host a political trivia night! -- but what I didn't know is that Cleveland had a secret surgery to remove a cancerous tumor during his second stint as president.

How did Cleveland keep the cancer operation secret? He had the procedure performed aboard the yacht of a wealthy friend while cruising in Long Island Sound! Are you kidding me?  A quarter of Cleveland's upper palate was removed in the operation and he couldn't speak until a dentist crafted an implant.  Somehow, no one was the wiser.

That and much more good stuff in this week's episode of "Presidential." Subscribe now -- while you still have time.