Trying to make jokes during a scheduled TV comedy show in the hours after a tragedy is never easy. And by virtue of his time slot on Sunday nights, John Oliver was among the first to have to strike that delicate balance.

So he began his show Sunday on a somber note, stating that the gunman who just perpetrated the worst mass shooting in American history at a gay nightclub in Orlando had attacked something that is very special and unique about the United States.

"In Orlando, early this morning, the gunman attacked a Latin night at a gay club in the theme park capital of the world," Oliver said. "And for the record, I will happily embrace a Latin night at a gay club at the theme park capital of the world as the ultimate symbol of what is truly wonderful about America."

A visibly shaken Oliver then noted that his show was about to begin with "what will seem like jarringly inappropriate jangly music." And he also showed video of a line going around the block in Orlando to donate blood.