Corey Lewandowski wasn't very popular with journalists, and it's not hard to figure out why. There was that time he grabbed a female reporter by the arm after a news conference, then denied it before being proven to have lied and charged with simple battery. (The case was dropped.) There was also that time Fox News Channel accused him of threatening Megyn Kelly with more rhetorical abuse if she were not removed as a debate moderator. And, of course, there was that time Lewandowski warned CNN's Noah Gray that he would be "blacklisted" — and the many times journalists and news outlets (The Post, most recently, included) have, in fact, had their access revoked by the Donald Trump campaign.

So now that Trump has parted ways with Lewandowski as his campaign manager, journalists aren't exactly sorry to see him go.

Michelle Fields, of course, is the reporter Lewandowski grabbed by the arm in March. That incident more than any other seemed to solidify his status as a villain in the eyes of the media. Journalists are accustomed to spin from political operatives, but Lewandowski's brazen untruthfulness was something else. He claimed that he "never touched" Fields before security footage proved otherwise. Lewandowski was either suffering from amnesia or he was lying — and the latter is a surefire way to lose reporters' trust.

Ben Shapiro, a former colleague of Fields's at Breitbart News, mocked Lewandowski's denial after the New York Times reported his firing.

Fields, now at the Huffington Post, piled on, too.

Lewandowski didn't have many fans in the press corps, but the Boston Globe's Matt Viser credited him with helping Trump make an unprecedented run to the GOP nomination. So there's that.