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Michelle Fields has the last laugh on Corey Lewandowski

Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart News reporter who was grabbed after a March news conference by Corey Lewandowski, slammed Donald Trump's recently fired campaign manager Tuesday as nothing more than a "body man" for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

"I don't think Corey Lewandowski was very good at his job," Fields said on CNN. She characterized Lewandowski, whom Trump dismissed Monday, as a glorified event planner who fancied himself a tough guy but didn't bring much to the table in the way of political expertise.

A lot has changed since Fields's encounter with Lewandowski on March 8. Trump is now the presumptive GOP nominee, and after standing by Lewandowski through a battery charge (ultimately dropped), he dumped him this week amid sinking poll numbers and reports of feuding within the campaign. Fields left pro-Trump Breitbart News and now writes for the anti-Trump Huffington Post. She has a new book, "Barons of the Beltway," billed as an exposé of the "hidden perks, the freebies, and the ego stroking that define life for a political class that is out of touch with the American people."

Fields wrote more about the Lewandowski firing for HuffPo on Monday:

After it was all done, Lewandowski continued to play good soldier, going on cable news to praise the man who had just axed his job. Perhaps he was gunning for a triumphant return to Trump's campaign sometime down the road. Perhaps he was just paying Trump back for standing by his side through the prior controversies.
"Folks, look, I'm a loyal person," Trump had said after those violent incidents. "It's so important ... and it's one of the traits that I most respect in people. You don't see it enough; you don't see it enough.”
Whatever the reason, Lewandowski learned a lesson on Monday that he probably knew already: Trump embellishes many things about himself — including the extent of his loyalty.

Field also tweeted this Monday, tying together her feelings about both Lewandowski and her former employer — which completely undermined her after the March incident and even ran a piece suggesting her version of events was wrong.

Fields's disdain for Lewandowski has been apparent for a long time now. But on CNN Tuesday, the conservative writer indicated the extent to which she has soured on Trump, too — even suggesting she could vote for Hillary Clinton.

"I am not a huge fan of Hillary," Fields told Chris Cuomo. But asked if she could support the presumptive Democratic nominee in this election, Fields offered this: "I do think Hillary would not be as detrimental to this country as Donald Trump would, especially when it comes to foreign policy."

In March, Fields told Fox News that Trump was among her top two White House favorites before the Lewandowski incident. Now she exemplifies a strange phenomenon in this election: conservative media figures, such as William Kristol, Rich Lowry, Joe Scarborough and S.E. Cupp, who say they can't support the Republican nominee for president.