Here in the United States, newspaper editorial boards have accused presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of stoking fears of immigrants, Muslims and racial minorities. In the United Kingdom, editorial boards have charged proponents of Brexit — a British exit from the European Union, which is the subject of a national referendum on Thursday — with the very same things.

In fact, criticisms of the Trump campaign and the Brexit campaign are so similar that, when reading a sharply worded editorial, it can be hard to tell which one is the target. Just try it in the quiz below.

We've clipped excerpts from newspaper editorials and removed key words ("Trump" or "Brexit," for instance) that would give away the answers. We've also Americanized spellings ("honour" would become "honor," for example) so that you can't figure out the subject based on an extra "u." That would be too easy.

See if you can figure out whom these arguments are aimed at.