(Warning: The above video includes some adult language and themes.)

Bill Maher has a provocative idea: As long as Republicans regularly accuse President Obama of apologizing for America, why not just go do it?

Maher's idea for an Obama Apology Tour boils down to three things:

  1. He's in the final months of his presidency, when anything goes
  2. Donald Trump is giving us plenty to apologize for
  3. We have apologized for many of these things internally anyway

Here's a list of the things Maher thinks Obama should apologize for, on behalf of America:

  • Vietnam
  • Mexico, for taking half its land "just because we could"
  • Iraq: "Our eternal drunken booty call"
  • All the countries where the United States toppled its leader and installed a more friendly one

We'll let you know if the White House decides to take his advice.