Hillary Clinton is not a trustworthy person -- that seems to be the consensus of much of the country, and it's throwing a wrench in what might otherwise be a more-lopsided presidential election.

And who better to judge her for her lack of trustworthiness than people who are in the process of lying themselves?

Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" took to the streets to ask people about the approximately 160 previously unreleased Clinton emails this week. The show, of course, totally made up what was actually in the rather bland emails -- saying Clinton was responding to spam from Nigerian princes and asking Vladimir Putin for shirtless pictures, for instance. But that didn't stop these people from describing how they had read about these non-existent emails and berating Clinton over them.

The best part? The interviewer gets almost all of these liars to attack Clinton for her lack of honesty.

"All she does is lie," says one, who said he had just read about Clinton sending herself Edible Arrangements to make other women in the secretary of state's office jealous.

"But you don't [lie]?" the interviewer asks.

"I don't, no. Never," The man responds.

"You saw that email about the Edible Arrangements?"

"Yeah, I did."

Jimmy Kimmel had Hillary Clinton take part in a skit on his show March 24. It wasn't the first time the comic has used political satire to make a point.