I went to Donald Trump's campaign website on Wednesday morning because I was hoping to find as detailed a description as possible of his foreign policy proposals.

That's not what I found. Instead, donaldjtrump.com/issues is populated with a number of videos, mostly ones released over the course of the primaries, accompanied with brief blurbs about his positions. Most remarkably, though, this was the very first thing that greeted me — the only thing on the page that was shown at full width.

The most important issue position Trump is taking in his bid for the presidency is that, no, he didn't defraud Trump University students.

We noticed before that the idea of an "issues" page has fallen out of favor for political campaigns. For whatever reason, campaigns seem less likely to offer pages full of their proposed policies than they once did. (The reason, of course, is that specificity on policy ideas is rarely a boon.)

Trump's issues page heads in a different direction. It's less an issues page than it is a better-designed YouTube channel landing site. If you go to his YouTube page, in fact, you can see a collection of videos detailing Trump's positions on the issues, most of which are on the issues page on his site. (They were all posted in February.)

So here, for example, is one of the issues which is central to Trump's candidacy, per his issues page.

He's not self-funding his campaign anymore, of course, as he bragged on Twitter on Tuesday night.

He includes his odd paean to New Hampshire, which I guess is an important subject for his presidential campaign.

At the bottom of the page, Trump addresses two other important issues.

Trump University bookends the issues about which Trump would like to inform the electorate.

If you are looking for Trump's positions, by the way, you're better served by heading over to his positions page, where the most important issues are the border wall and health care. To answer my own question, the only thing on any foreign policy issue that doesn't relate to immigration or trade is found on his issues page.

Ah. Got it.