Jefferson County, Colo. is one of the last, most competitive counties in the country between the two national parties.

And so, when conservatives seized control of the school board in the county in 2014 and began instituting changes -- including editing of civil disobedience out of the history curriculum --  liberals revolted.  What followed was a recall effort in which hundreds of thousands of dollars was funneled into the state by the Koch brothers as well as teachers unions set on using JeffCo as an example for the rest of the country.

The story of that recall race is the subject of the third installment of "Postcards From the Political Divide," a nine-part political documentary series produced by Paul Stekler, Louis Alvarez and Andy Kolker, which we are running on The Fix.

You can catch up on the previous two episodes -- about the death of "Wisconsin Nice" and the battle to turn Texas blue below.