A high point of every convention is the moment that everything becomes official. All of those delegates won in each state's primary now get to cast their vote for the candidate they represent -- with the total at some point passing a majority, and which point the presumptive nominee officially dropping that first word from their appellation.

As part of the process, a representative from each state addresses the entire delegate body, outlining how the delegates vote. In doing so, the often-hammy presenters like to work in a little bragging about their home states. Idaho, for example, presented itself as having "famous potatoes." Had you heard?

Here are some tips we would offer should you need to do this in the future:

  1. No one cares about your politicians.
  2. Everyone already knows your motto; skip it.
  3. It is good and funny to insult other states' sports teams. (See: Florida.)
  4. Use this as an opportunity to actually inform people. (See: Guam.)
  5. No one is too cool for this. (You know who you are.)

Anyway, here are the brags that were offered (when someone chose to do so) in the nomination of Donald Trump. Feel free to comment about them below, because you will have some comments.


  • National champions in college football, Alabama and Auburn
  • Home of the Saturn V rocket
  • Big Trump rallies


  • Largest state
  • More coastline
  • Energy, the Arctic, fishing, tourism

American Samoa

  • Southern-most reaches of American soil
  • Greatest exporter of NFL players


  • Hottest state ... for job growth


  • Birthplace of Johnny Cash and Al Green
  • Control every level of state government and all the House seats
  • Best duck-hunting on Earth
  • Most rice production


  • [The speaker talked mostly about her sons.]


  • Where the plains meet the Rocky Mountains
  • Home of Sen. Cory Gardner and the World Champion Denver Broncos


  • Manufacture Pez, nuclear submarines
  • Home of the WWE, where the men are men and the women are champions


  • First state to ratify the Constitution
  • Home of former governors Pete DuPont and Mike Castle
  • Diverse slate of millennial candidates to take control of the state senate


  • Helped create the Republican National Committee
  • Created by George Washington
  • Home of Frederick Douglass


  • Home to Disneyworld, the Daytona 500 and the Keys
  • No income tax
  • Miles of beaches and home to veterans whom they thank every day
  • Gave Lebron James his first two championships


  • Number one state for business and business growth


  • The tip of the spear of American might
  • Home of various attack aircraft and submarines that keep our enemies at bay
  • Where Asian tourists come to get a taste of America
  • Where America's day begins (because of the International Date Line)


  • [named various cities]


  • Famous potatoes
  • Most Republican state in the nation
  • When they say the Pledge, it's to the "Republicans for which it stands"
  • All statewide offices, congressional delegation and 80 percent of legislature are Republican


  • The finest governor in the nation

(Note: Weak.)


  • $2 billion surplus
  • 150,000 new private sector jobs since 2013
  • More Indianans* working today than at any point in history

* He used some other word to refer to the Indianans.


  • Home of the two hardest-working senators
  • Longest serving governor in American history


  • Greatest fans of the reigning world champions, the Royals
  • Home of the iconic Bob Dole


  • Home of Churchill Downs
  • Source of bluegrass music
  • Home of Bill Monroe
  • Home of car manufacturers, including the Corvette
  • All the bourbon fit to drink


  • Sportsman's paradise


  • Rugged coastlines, beautiful forests, pristine lakes
  • Home of Paul LePage, Susan Collins and others
  • Only one remaining Democratic federal official
  • Began the Republican revival in the Northeast and will make New England great again


  • America in miniature
  • Home of the Chesapeake Bay
  • Oldest state capitol in the United States
  • Birthplace of the national anthem
  • Home of the Naval Academy
  • Home to the American League East-leading Baltimore Orioles


  • Outperformed every other state but one to make America Great Again
  • The bluest state in the union (this was not said in a bragging way)


  • Great Lakes state
  • Birthplace of the Republican Party
  • Home of Gerald Ford and Gordie Howe

(Michigan went second-to-last to let New York give Trump the delegates he needed to win.)


  • Home of 10,000 lakes
  • Home of Spam
  • Home of the late, great Prince
  • Longest drought of casting its electoral votes for a Republican president (thanks to 1984)


  • Birthplace of America's music


  • Home to the World Series champion Royals
  • And: the 11-time champion St. Louis Cardinals
  • Birthplace of talk radio
  • Home of a 12-time delegate conservative icon
  • Birthplace of ragtime music


  • State has: Quiet beauty, grandeur of mountains, vastness of rolling plains


  • Home of Silicon Prairie News
  • Home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Number one beef-producing state


  • Where blue lives matter
  • Battle-born
  • Became a state under the first Republican president in 1864
  • Home to Lake Tahoe and the most entertaining capital city, Las Vegas (Speaker presumably meant it had the entertainment capital)

New Hampshire

  • Live Free or Die state
  • No sales or income tax
  • Gave Trump his first victory

(The speaker, by the way, was the man who helped provide that victory: Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.)

New Jersey

  • Garden State
  • Greatest state in the union (hmm)
  • Highest popular vote percentage for Trump

New Mexico

  • A culture that is so diverse
  • Land of enchantment
  • First female Hispanic governor

New York

  • First majority for Trump in the county
  • 61 of 62 counties went for Trump

(This actually came after Oregon, allowing the state to put Trump over the mark needed to clinch the nomination.)

North Carolina

  • Land of the long-leaf pine, where the summer sun doth shine, where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great
  • Largest military installations in the world
  • Beautiful Appalachian Mountains to the west and a crystal coast on east
  • Fastest growing state economy under Republican leadership

North Dakota

  • Home of the current and five-consecutive national FCS football champion
  • Home of the national hockey champion, University of North Dakota
  • Only state in the U.S. to grow younger

Northern Mariana Islands

  • Most Republican territory
  • Weather is 85 degrees all year around


  • Cleveland is city of champions (though that should really be singular)
  • Mother of presidents


  • Second home to Speaker Ryan
  • Heartland of America
  • Reddest state in the union
  • History of grass-roots leadership
  • Super-majorities in both chambers
  • Supplies energy and agriculture to fuel and feed the country and the world (in that order)


  • Unrivaled natural beauty
  • Great American pinot noir
  • Tillamook cheese
  • Hazelnuts
  • The reigning major league soccer champions
  • Home of Tracktown, USA -- where Nike made Ducks and Beavers cool


  • Keystone State
  • Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Home of Pat Toomey and 13 Republican congressman

Puerto Rico

  • Voted to be 51st state of greatest nation on Earth

Rhode Island

  • Founded in 1631 based on religious toleration and democracy
  • Ocean state, and it's beautiful there
  • Government doesn't work there because it's run by corrupt Democrats
  • Ranked 50th-worst on business-friendly climate
  • Largest margin of victory with the most votes cast in a Republican primary

(Not great bragging, guys.)

South Carolina

  • Palmetto State
  • Home of the First in South Primary
  • The true Peach State and home of barbecue
  • Home of the reining golf champion and college baseball champion
  • Home of the no. 1 city in the world, Charleston
  • Home of America's vacation destination, Myrtle
  • Southeast's manufacturing leader

South Dakota

  • Home of Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore and other great faces and great places


  • The state with no state income tax, a budget surplus and a balanced budget
  • Top five in jobs growth
  • Number one in auto manufacturing
  • Lots of Republicans at the state and federal level
  • Pro-life state


  • Greatest job-creating state in the country
  • 12th-largest economy on the planet
  • No Democrat has won statewide office since 1992
  • Every Texan has the back of our law enforcement officers

U.S. Virgin Islands

  • One of five territories where residents are second-class citizens
  • Home of Alexander Hamilton and Tim Duncan
  • Where slaves were liberated first
  • Where no passport is needed to visit other nearby islands


  • Has our priorities straight: God, family and country
  • Number one state for economic growth and job creation
  • The most reliable Republican state
  • Trump will get the highest-percentage vote


  • Cal Coolidge was a Vermonter, nominated in Cleveland in 1924


  • Mother of presidents
  • Cradle of freedom
  • Where liberty sprouted from the roots of gemstone
  • Where patriot's dreams came true
  • Commonwealth of opportunity


  • Evergreen state
  • Volcanoes, the Columbia River, vast wheat fields and often the national Christmas tree
  • Proud home of Boeing, 100 years old this month
  • Named after the first president

West Virginia

  • Coal mining state which has paid a heavy price under the Obama administration
  • First state in the United States to recognize Melania Trump as the next First Lady
  • Home to greatest golfer in history, Sam Sneed
  • Home to greatest football player, Sam Huff
  • Home to the Mountaineers and the Thundering Herd


  • Home to RNC chairman Reince Priebus and Speaker Paul Ryan
  • Birthplace of the Republican Party
  • Home to the 13-time world champion Green Bay Packers
  • Home to Harley-Davidson


  • Home of Reagan conservatives, rugged individualism, giant Tetons
  • Producers of low-sulfur coal and an energy titan
  • A super red state with a balanced budget, a surplus and no income tax

The end.