Donald Trump addressed the Republican National Convention for the second straight night Tuesday, and with every second he spent on camera the GOP nominee cheapened what should be a climactic moment in the spotlight on Thursday. That's the dominant assessment in the media, anyway, where journalists seem baffled by Trump's choice of saturation over suspense.

As Trump spoke from New York on the Quicken Loans Arena mega screen, reporters on Twitter questioned the wisdom of Trump's decision to make himself so visible, so often. Presidential nominees typically keep lower profiles during the early stages of conventions, building anticipation of their eventual appearances.

However unconventional Trump's omnipresence might be, it should surprise no one. His strategy from the get-go has been to dominate the news — whether that coverage is positive or negative. Recall what Time magazine reporter David Von Drehle wrote after riding with Trump on the billionaire's private jet during a Super Tuesday flight from Virginia to Georgia, describing the way Trump channel surfs from one news network to the next while in the air.

When he flips to Fox News, Trump notices a caption that sums up everything: "News outlets around the world are covering Trump." Turning to me on the sofa, he gestures at the screen and remarks with satisfaction, "The key word is 'covering.'"

All press is good press. That's the Trump philosophy.

So while some in the media suggest the business mogul is making a mistake with these early cameos, Trump likely sees things differently. He sees himself taking every opportunity to maximize exposure — and the media amplifying his message by talking about the mere fact that he is talking.