To be a good presidential team, you need to have good chemistry.

And despite Donald Trump's initial hesitation to pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) as his running mate, it seems the two have gotten closer.

Wednesday night's air kiss between the two was just the latest example of a bro-y, buddy-ness affection the two seem to display when the cameras are on.

We wanted to know more — very important reporting over here at The Fix — so The Washington Post's Monica Akhtar pulled moments from the several times they've been in public together for us to analyze over and over again.

They shake hands! I call this the Low-Five with a side of Hearty Handshake:

They clap for each other! I call this the Eager Golf Fan Clap:

They pose for pics together. Selfie!

They even share mics: (And does it seem as if Trump kinda bows to Pence as he hands over the mic?)

So for the handful of times Pence and Trump have been seen in public together, we've already got a pretty good indication of how much they like each other. If that were the only criteria for running mates, it seems Trump picked well.