With his refusal to endorse Donald Trump from the convention stage Wednesday, Ted Cruz prompted a chorus of boos from those in the audience — and a flurry of insults from those who spoke to him and the media afterward.

In the interest of cataloging the moment (and of getting to publish the phrase "political testicles" on the pages of The Washington Post), we've tracked down as much of the back-and-forth as we could and created this handy image to convey it.

One of the first people to bash Cruz was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who told CNN that the speech was "awful" and that Cruz was "selfish."

Jeff Roe, who managed Cruz's campaign, told a radio interviewer that Christie "embarrassed himself" with his displeasure and that he had "turned over his political testicles long ago."

Other politicians in attendance had sharp words for Cruz. Rep. Chris Collins (N.Y.) said the speech was "just plain rude." Susan Hutchison, chair of the Washington State Republican Party, accosted Cruz, calling him a "traitor."

Rep. Peter T. King (N.Y.) didn't hold back. He called Cruz a "fraud," according to CNN, and said one attendee called Cruz an "a--hole," adding, "that's not far enough."

Sean Spicer, who runs the GOP's communications team, was asked about King's comments and said he'd "probably use the same verbiage."

The Rev. Darrell Scott, who also spoke on the third night of the convention, told Fox News that Cruz had "turned out to be a liar."

Team Trump weighed in, too, of course. Eric Trump said Cruz's speech was "classless." Michael Cohen, a longtime attorney for Trump, called Cruz "a baby."

Trump himself offered his thoughts on Twitter. Without naming Cruz directly, he referred to "a small group of people who have suffered massive and embarrassing losses."

Cruz defended himself a bit Thursday morning. He took a broad swipe at Republicans who'd rolled over to endorse Trump, saying he himself refused to be a "servile puppy dog."

That's where we are right now, but the day is still young.