There are actually quite a few guides on the Internet offering suggestions on making money off of political campaigns. Some are perhaps tongue-in-cheek, such as this one, which uses the idea of spontaneously becoming a political consultant to point out how much money political consultants make. Some are awkwardly earnest, such as this one, which posits that you might want to sell old Hillary Clinton merch on eBay. Don't have any? Well, "Consider Domain Squatting." (Don't do that, actually. You won't make any money anyway.)

But that's not how the pros do it. That's not how people who've mastered the international branding game do it.

They do it like this.

This isn't Ivanka Trump tweeting, technically. It's @IvankaTrump, but that's the Twitter handle for If one has one's own clothing line, it seems natural that you'd wear pieces from it; perhaps the marketing folks saw an unplanned opportunity to plug the outfit on Twitter. It's $138 at Macy's; apparently her father's boycott of the chain doesn't apply to her. The garment is described as a "sophisticated sheath dress" that "works wonders at both social and professional occasions" -- and, clearly, political ones.

Oh, also? The dress is "imported," according to its description.

So perhaps this was a just a smart move by the site's marketing team to capitalize on the moment. Possible. Or perhaps Ivanka Trump has been doing this for the entire convention, posting a series of photos from the event at her website with personalized captions to each — and links to where you can buy all of the things she's wearing or carrying.

Perhaps that collection of photos and links to the Ivanka Trump store is featured on the front page of right now.

That's pro-level hustle.

There's nothing illegal about this, of course. Ivanka isn't the candidate. If Trump had invited you to speak and you plugged your book during your speech, that's just the way it goes. If anything, Ivanka's proving her father's core value proposition: The Trumps know how to leverage the system to make a buck.

Just think about if Donald Trump wins in November and runs for reelection in 2020. Imagine how much Trump-branded stuff Ivanka will have to auction on eBay.