Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) isn't just a "Saturday Night Live" alum and U.S. senator, he told the Democratic National Convention Monday night — he's also, he said, a "world-renowned expert on right-wing megalomaniacs."

"A little about my qualifications," the former comedy writer and actor told the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. "I got my doctorate in megalomania studies from Trump University."

Franken's comic turn — a relative rarity for the Minnesota senator since taking office — seemed to inspire a bit of nostalgia in Arianna Huffington.

It was 20 years ago that Huffington — back when she was a conservative — teamed with Franken to perform a series of sketches called "Strange Bedfellows" on Comedy Central during the Democratic and Republican conventions. The duo donned pajamas and appeared side by side in a patriotic-themed bed, complete with bunting and monument-style columns.

The Washington Post described the bit this way:

Huffington offers wicked, satiric punditry while lounging in bed with Democratic comedian Al Franken. The job involves eight costume changes of red, white and blue lingerie. She looks like she shops at Uncle Sam's Secret.

Politicians and lobbyists are in bed together; sources and reporters are in bed together; Huffington and Franken are in bed together.

Get it?

Here's a sample:

HUFFINGTON: Good evening. I'm the beautiful but evil Arianna Huffington in bed with the talented but smug Al Franken. This is another segment of "Strange Bedfellows," which is based on the old saying "politics makes strange bedfellows." Remember, it's only a metaphor; we are absolutely not having sex. Even though my role is to bring compassion to the Republican Party, I'm not compassionate enough to have sex with Al Franken.

A lot has changed in two decades. Franken is in the Senate; Huffington is editor in chief of a liberal news site bearing her name, the Huffington Post. But Democrats are about to nominate another Clinton -- and Franken is back to cracking jokes.