Before Donald Trump decided to actually run for office, he was much better at talking about maybe doing it. He threatened to run for president multiple times and even flirted with running for governor of New York.

Donald Trump Jr., apparently, is not allowed to have such fun.

On Sunday, the younger Donald conspicuously left open the possibility of running for mayor of New York City during an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union":

And when asked point-blank whether he’d seek to take over City Hall, a notion first floated by pundits in the [New York] Post last week, the younger Trump said, “I never like to rule anything out.”
“As my father has always said, I want to — we always like to keep our options open,” he told CNN’s “State of the Union.”
“So if I can do that as a service to our country I’d love to do it.”

This is classic Trump: Yeah, it's a possibility. Not going to rule it out. Fuel the speculation!

But then Don Sr. ruled it out.

Appearing on Sean Hannity's Fox News show after the Democratic National Convention was over on Monday night, the elder Trump shut it down.

"Don's not going to run for mayor," Trump said. "No, he has no intention of doing that. He wouldn’t want to do that. And as a Republican in New York City ..."

Hannity interjected that Donald Jr. pretty much said it might happen.

“Well, he’ll leave it open," Trump Sr. said. "Running for mayor of New York City — all right, I don’t see that happening. I don’t think that’ll happen. But he’s doing — he’s a very natural guy — he spoke like he’s been doing that all his life.”

In other words, he's very good at being Donald Trump. Just not the best.

Important update to this important story: To the Democrats who are worried about Donald Trump Jr. actually running for mayor, you can now take solace in knowing that, were it to happen, Anthony Weiner would return to save the day.