There are some things in politics that are legend, whether they're true or not.

That former Vermont governor Howard Dean's enthusiastic "yeeeeaaah!" to rally his voters after a disappointing finish in the the Iowa caucuses marked the beginning of the end of his 2004 presidential campaign is one of them. I mean, the scream literally has its own Wikipedia entry.

Dean has had 12 years to come to terms with the moment — whatever it was — and however it affected — or didn't affect — his presidential campaign.

Maybe he already had, in private. But for whatever reason, Dean chose the 2016 Democratic convention to share with the world that he's made peace with the past. On Tuesday night, he was giving a speech on behalf of Hillary Clinton and her commitment to health care reform when he ended it with what was an unmistakable rendition of the Dean Scream.

(Okay, as my editor — who was there for the original — likes to point out, there wasn't really a scream in his 2016 version. [Fact check: The emperor has no scream. --Ed.] But consider this shorthand for whatever Dean did in 2004 and again in 2016. Just watch the video, if you haven't already. Our point is made.)

UPDATE: Meryl Streep had her own kinda scream to share with the world when she took the stage Tuesday.