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I did a very deep dive into Donald Trump’s KFC picture

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Donald Trump likes Twitter. You may know this. He uses Twitter to drive news cycles, respond to “haters” and, occasionally, to document what he is eating.

Late Monday night, Trump gave us a food tweet — and it was glorious.

This photo contains multitudes. Let's dig in.

* The KFC bucket. Trump is eating a BIG bucket of fried chicken. A quick search of the KFC website leads me to believe what Trump has there is a “$20 Fill-Up.” Here's what that gets you:

He may have already eaten the biscuits. Or pawned them off to someone else. But that bucket looks like it could hold “8 pieces of crunchy, Extra Crispy chicken.” And that definitely looks like a large mashed potatoes and gravy next to it. As for whether the meal effectively kept “those friends feeling satisfied,” we can only speculate.

* The knife and fork. I mean, come on, man. Who eats fried chicken with a knife and fork? Especially one that's not made of plastic? I could have potentially forgiven Trump if he had used a plastic spork — still one of society's greatest inventions — but stainless steel? Also, relatedly: What is the unused spoon on Trump's napkin going to be used for? Why not just use the same fork he is eating the chicken with to eat the mashed potatoes, too? And salt and pepper? No normal person salts/peppers fried chicken, so I have to assume it's for the mashed taters?

* The American flag pin. An absolute necessity for anyone running for president. Also, worth noting that Trump criticized Hillary Clinton and Democrats for not having enough flags on stage at last week's party convention. Given that, why not go with TWO American flag pins — one for each lapel? Just saying.

* The coat of arms. Back in 2012, Trump went through a contentious legal fight (What a shock!) over whether he could use a Scottish coat of arms as his family crest. A court initially ruled that the logo was unregistered, but Trump ultimately won the right to use it. That crest is what's on the headrest of the seat where Trump is sitting.

Here's a close up:

And a clearer view of the “Trump crest”:

* The Journal. Trump, not surprisingly, is reading — or at least possesses — the Wall Street Journal, the default newspaper of the business world. I like to think the white paper obscured by the Journal is a printout of Fix posts.

* The letter on the table. If you look to the left of the Journal, there is a piece of paper with text on it. It's the one with the KFC bucket and pepper shaker sitting on it. Here's a closer look.

That letter — and I owe Philip Bump for figuring this one out — is the one Senate Democrats sent to President Obama urging him to accept more Syrian refugees into the United States. Here's the full letter. Trump has seized on the letter as evidence that Democrats want to allow a flood of Syrians into the country and will do it with a Democrat in the White House in 2017.

* Talking points? Look closely at Trump's left breast pocket. There's a folded piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper peeking out. Here's the close-up.

The words look upside down. And if you can make out any of them, you have WAY better eyesight than me. So, I am speculating these are Trump talking points — hastily stuffed in a jacket pocket after concluding his remarks in Pennsylvania.