One of the rarest sights on the presidential campaign trail is a genuine, tender connection between a candidate and a voter. It's happened a couple of times in 2016: The woman who broke down crying at a Bernie Sanders rally, and John Kasich's emotional moment with a voter who wanted one of his patented Kasich hugs, among others.

And for the briefest of moments on Tuesday, it looked like there might be a humanizing exchange between Donald Trump and a mother and child at his rally in Ashburn, Va. Trump was discussing his relationship with China and Chinese businesses, when a baby in the audience let out an audible cry.

"Don't worry about that baby, I love babies!" he interjected. "I hear that baby crying, I like it! What a baby. What a beautiful baby. Don't worry, don't worry. The mom's running around, like ... don't worry about it, you know? It's young and beautiful and healthy, and that's what we want."

While it is decidedly rare to hear anyone proclaim that they "like" hearing a baby cry, it was a human moment – a move by Trump to say to a mother in the audience: don't worry about it, we'll keep the speech moving. And for a minute, he did. Until the baby dared to interrupt his thoughts on China with a second outburst.

"Actually, I was only kidding. You can get the baby out of here," Trump said. "I think she really believed me, that I love having a baby crying while I'm speaking!"

"People don't understand, but that's okay," he added.

Suffice it to say, the elusive tender moment was gone as quickly as it came.