Pow, the headline at the conservative Washington Examiner reads. "It's just a 2-point race, Clinton 38%, Trump 36%."

There are plenty of asterisks that could be added, such as *in a four-way race and *from a conservative pollster that 538 once called "the worst pollster in the world" and *in an online poll. (The Examiner article notes that Donald Trump's campaign argues that online polls are more accurate because people are, for some reason, scared to tell a real person that they back Trump, but that's not accurate.) But, asterisks aside, the poll from Zogby is a poll, and Trump is sort-of-tied in it, therefore:

We know Trump likes to talk about polls; it's part of his shtick. But he hasn't been talking about them much recently, probably because the polls haven't been very good. These were the last polls he tweeted about, on Aug. 1.

A lead for a Republican in Oklahoma is of questionable newsworthiness, and he now trails in Virginia by nearly double digits, according to a new poll from The Post. But those were polls, and they weren't bad, and so they got tweeted.

Before that, Trump was both tweeting polls more often and tweeting more often, in part thanks to the Republican convention. He tweeted about polls a number of times after the Republican convention in late July, because those polls showed him gaining on Clinton. After the Democratic convention, though, that margin collapsed — and the poll tweets stopped.

How picky has Trump been about polls? Even when Breitbart, the unabashedly pro-Trump outlet, commissioned its own poll, the candidate didn't tweet it. "It’s an open secret that polls are often manipulated and spun to create momentum for a particular candidate or issue," the site's editor in chief explained, arguing that Breitbart would avoid "the mainstream media filter." Its poll showed Trump down five points.

But now he's back on the horse, folks, thanks to a poll that shows him within two points, a closer margin than any major non-tracking poll has shown the race since Rasmussen Reports (also a Republican-leaning pollster) in late July. Happy days are here again*!

* Some conditions apply.

Update: Well, this would explain why he tweeted it.