Donald Trump prepares to announce his candidacy at Trump Tower last year in New York City. (Christopher Gregory/Getty Images)

From the moment he announced his candidacy, Donald Trump's campaign for president has been a Trump-branded affair. He slipped down a golden escalator at Trump Tower, wife Melania Trump at his side, for an introduction by daughter Ivanka Trump. He has held subsequent events at Trump properties, bought food from Trump restaurants and kept folks hydrated with Trump Ice water.

Through July, Trump's campaign has spent just shy of $7.7 million on Trump-branded products, including reimbursements to Trump-named surrogates. (July data thanks to Derek Willis of ProPublica and the site's excellent itemizer tool.)

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The majority of the spending -- $5.6 million of it -- was spent on TAG Air, Trump's private airplanes. That's likely mostly for fuel costs.

The next biggest category is rent for office space at Trump Tower. The Huffington Post reported Monday that the rent had increased substantially in recent months, pointing out that it overlapped with Trump's decision to stop funding his own campaign. It's not entirely clear why the rent increased, though the campaign recently opened office space on the 14th floor of the building. Update: The AP reports that the expansion of the space was most of the reason. (It's also worth noting that Trump didn't start seeing an influx of contributions until July. He only began raising large numbers of contributions for a little over a week at the end of June.) Note that some months show no spending on rent in Trump Tower. For February, rent was paid at the end of January, for example.

One of Trump's biggest single expenses was paying more than $400,000 to his Mar-A-Lago club in Florida in May for facility rental and catering. The campaign has spent about $200,000 at other Trump properties, too, including hotels in New York and Chicago and several of his golf clubs.

A smattering of Trump food brands have gotten money from the campaign, including Trump Ice (as noted above) and Trump Wine (which is owned by son Eric). Eric and Donald Jr. both also received travel reimbursements from the campaign. It's not clear if the money spent at Trump Grill includes 12 bucks for a taco bowl.

This by no means suggests that Trump made money off of his campaign. He himself spent tens of millions of dollars over the first year or so, a debt that he subsequently forgave. (His most recent fundraising report indicates that he gave another $2 million to the effort in July.) He'd need to do an awful lot of flying and facility rental to make up for what he has already contributed from his own bank accounts.

What Trump is doing instead is much more obvious: He's hoping to impress voters with the breadth and scale of his business empire. If that means plying them with Trump Wine at Trump National, then so be it.