In politics, flameouts and gaffes and controversies and ethics charges and even fights with reporters happen. But rarely do they happen all in one campaign, all to one candidate.

Tuesday night's crushing Democratic Senate primary loss to establishment favorite Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.) isn't the first bad headline (Or the second. Or the third. Or the fourth.) to hit Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) over the course of his campaign.

But it's perhaps a fitting ending for a star-crossed candidate who, as Politico's Kevin Robillard noted amid the brutal statewide returns, has endured months of epic misfortune. Here's a brief rundown of one of the most drama-and controversy-filled Senate primaries in recent history.

1. "Are you some kind of sh----ng robot?"

A few months before Grayson officially got into the Senate race, Tampa Bay Times editor Alan Smith wrote that, after he asked Grayson about his hedge fund in the Cayman Islands, Grayson shouted into the phone: "Are are you some kind of sh-----g robot?! You go around sh-----g on people?!" he shouted.

When Grayson got into the Senate primary in July, it was, as many reporters dubbed it, the "Democrats' nightmare." He was a progressive star on the left for his claim in 2009 on the House floor that the GOP wants you to "get sick and die quickly," and establishment Florida Democrats worried he would be able to raise enough money to muscle out their choice, Murphy.

2. Grayson's top staff bails

But Team Grayson started fraying quickly. In December, three of his top staff left. "People who don’t know ‘Grayson World’ are shocked by how difficult it is to work for him," a Grayson insider told Politico.

3. Grayson has holdings in a mining company based in a country known for forced labor

A Bloomberg News investigation into Grayson's financial holdings found that Grayson, who is an active investor (and among the richest members of Congress), had cashed in holdings in a mining company that gets most of its revenue from Eritrea, an impoverished African dictatorship known for forced labor.

When Bloomberg's Steven Dennis tried to ask Grayson about the dealings, the congressman "declined further comment and ended the interview."

4. A congressional ethics committee says it's going to continue to investigate Grayson for ethics violations

In April, an independent, outside body charged with investigating ethics complains against members of Congress said it would continue to look into Grayson's unusual decision to operate a hedge fund while a member of Congress. The report said Grayson may have violated House rules "numerous times."

5. Sen. Reid to Grayson: "I hope you lose"

In May, Grayson got into it with the most powerful Democrat in the Senate, Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). It culminated with Reid flat-out telling Grayson: "I hope you lose." The Hill's Scott Wong reported on the fireworks:

6. Grayson's ex-wife accuses him of domestic abuse

Then, in July, about a month before the primary, Politico reported that Grayson's ex-wife had gone to the police over the past two decades with accusations of domestic abuse. Grayson strongly denied the allegations.

7. Grayson denies hitting his ex-wife, then gets physical with a reporter.

The very next day, though, Grayson got into a fight with a Politico reporter, and even seemed to get physical with him.

8. Grayson's new wife loses her campaign to replace him

The couple were dating when she decided to run for the House seat he was vacating to run for Senate, and they married in May. But she lost her primary, too.

In other words, the best campaign news of all for Grayson may be: It's over.