Less than 24 hours after Anthony Weiner was caught sexting -- again -- his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, announced they were separating.

But with the couple's six-year marriage was punctuated every few years by a sex scandal involving Weiner, some in Abedin's inner circle insist this separation was actually a long time coming, reports The Post's Anne Gearan.

Indeed, Gearan reports, photographs of Abedin on various Clinton campaign stops suggest she hasn't worn a wedding ring for weeks. While we don't know whether that decision was related to Monday's announcement the couple is separating, but photos of the past few months show a shift.

Here's a brief photo timeline:

June 9, 2011: Wearing a wedding ring

Abedin is photographed wearing her wedding ring nearly a year after their marriage and just days after a photo on Weiner's Twitter account appears of a man in his underpants and Weiner admitted it was a photo of him. Weiner would resign from Congress on June 16.

July 23, 2012: Wearing a wedding ring

Weiner announced he's running for mayor of New York City in May. In June, more screen shots of his lewd chats with women are published, revealing Weiner didn't stop the sexting after he resigned from Congress. Abedin stands by him at a press conference telling the world she loves him and forgives him.

August 16, 2014: Wearing a wedding ring

Weiner lost the primary in September. Abedin is photographed wearing her ring out with Hillary Clinton.

October 22, 2015: Wearing a wedding ring

Clinton is now running for president, with Abiden by her side. Weiner is staying out of the news, though the couple will be back in the spotlight in a few months when a revealing documentary, "Weiner," is released in May of Weiner's cringe-inducing 2013 mayoral run. Abedin is wearing her ring as Clinton testifies to Congress about the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks.

August, 4 2016: No ring

The documentary "Weiner" gets rave reviews, but it's unclear what Abedin got out of it other than sharing her private humiliation with the world. Reporters start noticing she's not wearing her ring on the campaign trail, nor does she appear to be wearing it in a Vogue photo shoot published Aug. 17. Here she is in Nevada on Aug. 4 without a ring:

Aug. 28: The New York Post publishes photos of Weiner in his underpants with his young son curled up in bed next to him.

Aug. 29: Abedin announces the two are separating.