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Dr. Oz wonders if media-induced stress could hurt Donald Trump’s health

Presidential candidates usually release their medical information seamlessly, but not this year. The Fix’s Aaron Blake explains why. (Video: Bastien Inzaurralde/The Washington Post)
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Donald Trump, by his own admission, "could lose a little weight." He has a penchant for fast food and red meat. But Dr. Mehmet Oz is concerned about another health risk factor: the media.

In an interview that aired Thursday on the "Dr. Oz Show," the TV doc asked Trump whether negative press makes him angry, noting that anger "has significant health consequences."

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WebMD says anger increases the risk of heart disease. So according to Dr. Oz and WebMD, the media could be hurting Trump's health with stories like this, this and this. No wonder the Republican presidential nominee says journalists are "scum."

Here is the exchange between Oz and Trump:

OZ: If running for president and running a company — or companies — doesn't cause you stress, I mean, what does? Something has to —
TRUMP: Well, I think running for president causes more stress than — you know, I built a great company. I have an unbelievable company, and that hasn't been stressful over the last, you know, number of years. Now when you're building, it's more stress and everything else, and you're always going to be overleveraged, and you're fighting with banks, and you're doing — but now, it's become just a great, great company. So there's not stress there. I think running for president is. One of the reasons is the media is so dishonest. You know, they come up with stories that aren't true, and you try and knock the hell out of the story, and you're always fighting.
OZ: You get angry about that? We know anger — hostility — has significant health consequences. How do you cope with that? How do you get past that?
TRUMP: You fight back. I mean, I fight back.

Trump went on to say negative coverage doesn't stress him out as much as it would "if the press mattered."

"It's amazing," he said. "It doesn't matter as much, like it used to matter."

Another jab at reporters. But, hey, at least he's not blaming us for harming his health.