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Donald Trump instantly and completely contradicts himself on his great temperament

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Donald Trump said something so instantly self-contradictory during his interview with Bill O’Reilly on Monday night that the normally friendly host flat-out laughed at him.

“My strongest thing is my temperament, and they talk about my temperament,” Trump said. "They put 10 things on the board, and then they say, ‘Oh, let’s go after temperament.’ It is my strongest thing, according to the people that know me best. I won’t even say it myself.”

O'Reilly, ever the quick-witted interviewer, totally called him on it.

"You just did say yourself, though — just to point out,” the host said, audibly chuckling.

Donald Trump’s temperament is so great, you see, that he doesn’t even have to say it’s the best. Except when he does, which is often.

In fact, he’s been saying it for almost the entire year. Only recently did he start citing other people who thought the same — people whom he apparently convinced of it simply by saying it so much himself.

Sept. 6 rally in Greenville, N.C.: “So I have to tell you this — I have to say it: I think my single-greatest asset of any assets I have is my temperament, and I know how to win. But it’s my temperament, it’s my single-greatest asset.”

Sept. 6 interview with ABC News: “By the way, she says things about me that are horrible. As an example, the single greatest asset I have, according to those that know me, is my temperament. But she came up with this Madison Avenue line — ‘Oh, let’s talk about his temperament.’ It’s the single greatest asset I have — is my temperament.”

Aug. 26 on Fox News: “And I will say this, on temperament. You know, I think temperament — and a lot of people have said that that know me that maybe my greatest strength is my temperament. And I have a temperament that wins. I have a winning temperament. … I think probably, maybe one of my greatest assets — if not my greatest asset, Kimberly — is temperament. I know how to win, and I have a winning temperament. And that’s what our country needs.”

Aug. 17 to the La Crosse Tribune: "I think temperament is one of my greatest assets. I’ve won all my life, I’ve been winning. I always thought that temperament — I mean I have always felt, and been told, that my single greatest strength is temperament.”

Aug. 9 on Fox Business: “[Hillary Clinton’s] got the temperament of a loser. I have the temperament of a winner, and we have to win again.”

July 29 at a rally in Colorado Springs, Colo.: “I think I have the best temperament, or certainly one of the best temperaments, of anybody that’s ever run for the office of president. Ever. Because I have a winning temperament. I know how to win.”

June 2 in San Jose, Calif.: “My temperament is so much tougher, so much better than hers.”

Feb. 6 debate: “I actually think I have the best temperament. I built a massive corporation. I employ thousands and thousands of people.”

The best temperament. If he does say so himself.