Hillary Clinton listens during the first presidential debate Monday at Hofstra University. (Photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters)

This post has been updated.

Hillary Clinton supporters who argue their candidate is a target for subtle and overt sexism picked up new ammunition after Monday's presidential debate when Fox News Channel's Brit Hume described the Democratic nominee's appearance during the event as "composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive."

On the list of things not to say to avoid being called sexist, remarks about a female politician's attractiveness rank pretty high. Hume, a veteran broadcaster who has been hosting "On the Record" since Greta Van Susteren's departure from Fox News earlier this month, surely knows this.

It is possible that that Hume was not actually rating Clinton's physical attractiveness and was merely trying very clumsily to say that she did not, in his opinion, radiate the kind of personal warmth that might attract undecided voters — or that the "smug" demeanor he perceived wasn't necessarily a good look for her. (Update: Hume sought to clarify his remark on the air Tuesday: "I was just talking about demeanor. We are not yet living in a society where a female candidates demeanor cannot be criticized. We’re just not there yet, but at the rate we’re going we may get there.")

But he said what he said, and viewers shredded him for it on Twitter.

It was a good night for Clinton on the debate stage. She painted Donald Trump as sexist by reciting some of the nasty things he has said about women without crying foul over any sexist treatment directed at her.

Clinton probably won't complain publicly about Hume's remark, either, but her backers are already airing a grievance on her behalf.